What are the types of mezzanine slabs?

What are the types of mezzanine slabs?

Mezzanine slabs In each construction project, elements that give stability and security to the building are needed to guarantee its durability over the years.

In this way, the slabs are the main support for the transit of people or objects and give stability to the buildings, since it is the element that directly receives the pressure of the loads.

A structural slab can be built of reinforced concrete, with prefabricated materials, integrating thin voids, with a full rectangular cross-section, with supports in beams or walls or other classes of systems and materials that form the functional floors or ceilings of a construction.

In this article, we are going to know the types of slabs that exist, their characteristics, and which are the most efficient to choose the right slab construction system for the project.


Slab construction, which one is more convenient?

Within the wide offer of slabs, we can distinguish two broad categories: mezzanine slab and roof slab.

In the first case, in addition to its structural function, it has environmental control and support functions. In the same sense, the roof slab must offer security, in addition to being highly resistant to the various types and intensity of the weather.

However, there are different kinds of methodologies to manufacture the slabs, among which are:


Solid slabs

It is a structural reinforced concrete slab, with a full rectangular cross-section. It is thinner and covers a large floor area, which can be rectangular or square boards.

For the reinforcement of solid slabs, beams or walls are required to transmit their load. The materials used are cement, sand, reinforcing rod, and formwork for the contact slab.


Lightened slab

The types of lightened slabs are formed with concrete and lightening materials are added to the structure. It should be noted that in the lightened ceiling the lightening materials are covered at the end of the slab, so they are not visible. Among the lightened slabs are the ribbed slab, the joist and vault system, the steel and Steel foam Slab.


Ribbed slab

It is made of lightweight blocks and concrete ribs commonly 50 cm apart. It is a well-known system for having good anti-seismic behavior, low vibration levels, as well as lower thermal and acoustic transfer compared to solid slab reinforcement. The ribbed slab can function as a mezzanine or end slab.

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Joist and vault Peracted FAMOSA

This is a system for 100% insulated ceilings, composed with Joist and Vault as a lightning and support element in the construction system of Joist and Vault.

The vault is composed of Expanded Polystyrene with a configuration that allows the vault to protrude from the lower level of the joist, generating a space to place a strip of Expanded Polystyrene, which eliminates the passage of heat that is transferred through the joist.

This insulation option is extremely economical, which makes it one of the best roof systems to comply with current regulations.

The joists are prefabricated and there are two types: prestressed or open web; which rest on the walls or beams and the vaults function as filling material and at the same time as contact formwork to receive the concrete, which makes the slab lighten.

This banked vault system eliminates the thermal bridges of the traditional system by using a normal EPS vault.

It is a mezzanine system based on a structural sheet that is fixed to the primary structure of steel beams, with an upper layer of concrete and mesh reinforcement, the sheet also works as a contact formwork.

Because it uses a resistant laminated profile and gives an optimal distribution of reinforcements, it can be used as a mezzanine or for the roof.


Steel foam Slab

Steel foam is a precast panel construction system that results in a lightened slab that, quickly manufactured, capable of supporting large gaps.

In the construction of this slab, composite panel support with galvanized steel and continuous Expanded Polystyrene is used.

Due to its characteristics, Steel foam Slab ® is part of the lightened slab types that reduce the weight of the structure. In addition, due to its very low weight, the construction system can be easily manipulated, which speeds up construction.

This material is ideal for light projects due to the design of the Steel foam pieces, which can be manufactured in the length and thickness that the work requires. It also offers advantages such as including shims for the reinforcing steel and shims for the upper mesh in its structure mezzanine slabs.

By using these FANOSA materials for slab construction, project costs are reduced by not requiring contact formwork. Energy efficiency is also obtained due to its thermal insulation that maintains the comfortable room temperature inside the work, which makes it an environmentally friendly option by reducing energy consumption by air conditioning.

In short, to build a lightened roof, it is advisable to choose FANOSA materials, which are durable, resistant, and recyclable, as they offer high structural and thermal resistance, to be used from social housing to vertical buildings or auditoriums.

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